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Victors Variety and Velocipedes

Victor invites the audience to his world of wonders and velocipedes. 


At a decent place Victor will present his show containing spectacular circus acts and of course - a lot of bikes!  Road dust and the tunes of Charleston is in the air. 

" A gentleman in Tweed and monocle, a tad confused yet very eloquent in an old fashion. A female assistant who operates in the background with her own secret and lethal agenda full of knives and swords. Penny Farthings with no brakes what so ever but with big horns. And the skeleton Rakel as an extra sidekick. Exellent skills in trapeze, juggling and acrobatics are mixed with classical magical tricks, variety arts, humor and the estetics of an unsurpassed time inthe cultural history."

 - Susanne Holmlund, Sundsvalls Newspaper

Both outdoor and indoor!

Tel: +46 70 679 19 51

Tour: 2020
27-29 february Sundsvall

Tour 2019:
24 April Funäsdalen
20 May Ljungby
25 May Växsjö
7 July Backe 
20 july Överkalix
3 August Nämforsen - Urkult 
2 September Bispgården
3 September Hammarstrand
4 September Stugun
7 September Enköping
16 September Lycksele x 2

Length: 35-40 min
Age: 5 - 12 and familys

Premiere: 2019-04-23, Funäsdalen
Made by: Nordcirkus

Technical. rider:
Stage: 8 x 8 meter
Height : 6 meter
Electricity : 1x10A
Dark room if possible
Build / tear (h): 3,5 / 2

Show / 2 artists
16 000 kr Ex. moms 25%

Travel and accommodation